The story of Dat Xanh

Become one of the Top 10 real estate developers in Southeast Asia
Founded in 2003 by Mr Luong Tri Thin, Dat Xanh Group (Formerly known as Dat Xanh Real Estate Construction and Service Co., Ltd.) has become one of the top professional real estate operators in Vietnam, providing customers nationwide with superior real estate products.
After nearly 20 years of development, Dat Xanh Group is actively expanding the real estate industry scale, creating housing opportunities for hundreds of thousands of families across the country. Moreover, Dat Xanh group is also constantly contributing to changing the stature, quality, and appearance of Vietnam's urban area to become the leading private real estate and economic group in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.
Those outstanding achievements come from professional and efficient fields of operation throughout Dat Xanh Group's real estate ecosystem, including:
  • Real estate development
  • Real estate services
  • Construction & construction materials
  • Technology
  • Investment


cac_cot_moc_nam 2020
  • Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam in 2019 (VNR).
  • Real Estate Entrepreneur of the Year: Mr Luong Tri Thin - Group President (Investment Bridge Magazine).
  • Outstanding real estate developer in 2019 with Opal Boulevard project (Investment Bridge Magazine).
  • Top 50 most efficient companies in Vietnam in 2019 (Investor Magazine).
  • The best working environment in Asia in 2020 (HR Asia Award).
  • Top 50 listed companies in Vietnam (Forbes Vietnam).
  • Bét place to work for in Asia Vietnam Chapter 2020 (HR Asia).
  • Top 3 MID CAD - The listed company with the best-rated IR plan (Vietstock).
  • Top 3 MID CAD - The most popular listed company with IR action plan (Vietstock).
  • Top 50 listed companies in Vietnam 2020 (Forbes Vietnam).
  • Best workplace in Vietnam 2020 (VCCI).
  • Excellent Entrepreneur in Asia 2020 - President Luong Tri Thin (APEA).
  • Typical real estate developer (Investment Bridge Magazine).
cac_cot_moc_nam 2019
  • Charter capital increased from VND 3,301 billion to VND 5,200 billion.
  • Top 50 listed companies in Vietnam (Forbes Vietnam).
  • Top 3 listed companies with the best IR relations in 2019 (Vietstock).
  • Top 10 prestigious listed companies in 2019 (Vietnam Report).
  • Top 50 most effective business companies in Vietnam (Investment Bridge Magazine).
  • Top 10 prestigious real estate developers in 2019 (Vietnam Report).
  • Top 50 Best Growing Enterprises in Vietnam in 2018 (Vietnam Report).
  • Top 500 most profitable enterprises in Vietnam in 2019 (Vietnam Report).
  • Top 50 Vietnamese enterprises with attractive employer brands (Anphabe).
  • Top 100 Best Places to Work in Vietnam (Anphabe).
  • Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam in 2018 (Vietnam Report).
  • Top 500 largest private enterprises in Vietnam (VNR 500).
  • Top 150 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam (Fast 500).
cac_cot_moc_nam 2018
  • Renamed to Dat Xanh Group Joint Stock Company.
  • Opened the DXO Headquater Building at 2W Ung Van Khiem, Binh Thanh, HCMC.
  • The charter capital increased from 3,032 billion VND to 3,501 billion VND.
  • More than 800ha of total land fund across the country.
  • Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam in 2018 (VNR).
  • Handed over projects on schedule:
Opal Riverside
Opal Garden
Lux Garden
  • Establish a network of subsidiaries in the South West region, Long An, Thai Nguyen,...
cac_cot_moc_nam 2017
  • Announcing large-scale projects: Opal Oceanview (Quang Nam), Opal City South Hoi An, Gem Premium (Thu Duc), Gem Riverside (District 2).
  • Chartered capital increased from VND 2,530 billion to VND 3,032 billion.
cac_cot_moc_nam 2016
  • Chartered capital increased to 2,530 billion dongs.
  • TSuccessful implementation of the M&A deal: Gem Riverside (District 2), Opal City (District 9).
  • Launch of the Opal luxury apartment product line:
Opal Garden
Opal Riverside
Opal City
  • Top 10 leading real estate developers in Vietnam (BCI Asia Awards).
  • Hand over the Sunview Town project on schedule.
cac_cot_moc_nam 2015
  • Promote M&A activities with the following deals:
Lux City
Cara Riverview
Auris City
Opal Garden
Zen Riverside
Lux Riverview
Lux Garden
  • Announced 20 new projects and held the "Dialogue with Investors" seminar.
  • Launched a line of luxury commercial apartments called Lux with the Lux City (District 7)as the 1st project.
  • Top 100 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam.
  • Top 50 best-listed companies in Vietnam (according to Forbes Vietnam).
cac_cot_moc_nam 2014
  • Dat Xanh Group has successfully implemented a series of M&A deals, including:
Gem Premium
Opal City
Opal Riverside
Palm City
  • The Chairman of the Board of Directors was honoured with the Top 10 "Vietnam Red Star 2014".
  • Award for High-Quality Product (Sunview Town project).
  • Top 3 best apartments in Vietnam (Sunview Town project).
cac_cot_moc_nam 2013
  • Commencement ceremony of Sunview Town commercial complex (Thu Duc).
  • Oriented on the modern governance model to become a multidisciplinary corporation.
cac_cot_moc_nam 2012
  • Commenced construction of Gold Hill project with a scale of 26.5 ha in Dong Nai.
  • Handing over Phu Gia Hung Apartment.
  • Expanding markets in Quang Ninh, Hai Phong, Phu Quoc, Khanh Hoa.
  • Pioneered in developing the online CTV model.
  • Development of a closed model "Investment - Construction - Service".
cac_cot_moc_nam 2011
  • Model transformation: The network of subsidiaries and affiliates nationwide.
cac_cot_moc_nam 2010
  • Handing over Sunview Apartment 1 - 2 apartments earlier than planned.
  • Become a real estate company with the most extensive distribution system in Vietnam.
cac_cot_moc_nam 2009
  • Listing DXG code on HOSE.
cac_cot_moc_nam 2008
  • Commencement of projects: 
Sunview Apartment (Thu Duc)
Phú Gia Hưng Apartment (Go Vap)
Khu đô thị Thương mại - Dịch vụ - Du lịch Suối Son (Dong Nai)
cac_cot_moc_nam 2007
  • Transformed into a joint-stock company.
  • Transformed from Real Estate Distributors to Real Estate Investors and Developers.
cac_cot_moc_nam 2006
  • Introducing "Concentrated selling method".
  • Pioneering in the transparency of real estate product information.
cac_cot_moc_nam 2004
  • Birth of the concept of "Supermarket apartment".
cac_cot_moc_nam 2003
  • Dat Xanh was established with the charter capital of 0.8 billion VND.
  • Scope of activities: Distribution of real estate projects.