HR policies

Training and development

Training and development

  • This is the motto of Dat Xanh to support HR in maximizing their potential with clear career orientation, creating opportunities to develop themselves to become future leaders.
  • The training programs include integration training for all employees, short-term, specialized vocational skills training, employee skills improvement, potential leadership training. 
Young and dynamic working environment

Young and dynamic working environment

  • We constantly improve the working environment and conditions to create the most comfortable workplace for our employees.
  • A team of young workers - dynamic - enthusiastic - confident - sociable - friendly is the most valuable asset that Dat Xanh owns.
Salary and bonus system

Salary and bonus system

  • Wage rise: Consider wage rise once a year and at the beginning of the year. The rate of the wage rise will be estimated bases on the performance of the year before.
  • Quarterly Bonus: This will be decided bases on the results of the quarterly KPI assessment. The company will reward individuals and collectives with astonishing achievements. Dat Xanh also honoured and voted for individuals and collectives with outstanding achievements in each period.
  • Annual bonus: Dat Xanh has consistently ranked first compared to other companies of the same industry in year-end bonuses. From 2014 to 2016, each employee was rewarded with 3-8 months' salary at the end of the year according to the company's regulations.
  • ESOP Bonus: For the management of the Group from the level by the annual regulations, there is a policy of bonus shares according to seniority, hierarchy, and work efficiency. These bonuses are of great value to help employees accumulate and feel secure to make long-term contributions to the Group.
  • Over-target bonus: Every year, the Board of Management will receive an additional bonus exceeding the profit target based on the rate approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders. This is also a recognition of the dedication and efforts of the collective management of Dat Xanh in the direction towards efficiency beyond shareholders' expectations.
Welfare regime

Welfare regime

Dat Xanh is one of the best welfare systems on the market today, including:
  • Policy of social insurance, private insurance according to the regulations of the Company.
  • Study promotion policy for managers and employees' children.
  • Tour/team building program according to the regulations of the Company.
  • Dat Xanh activities and events include International Women March 8 (March); Tourism management CT & Monitoring (April); Family festival (June); Team building (July); Summer Tour for Board of Management & Quality Control (August); Going to school with your child, Mid-Autumn Festival, Pre Group's anniversary activities (September); Vietnamese women day (October 20); Anniversary of the establishment of the Group (November); Ceremony to receive and assign targets (December); Group year-end party (January).
  • Annual health check-ups for employees.
  • Policy to take care of employee's life: Birthday gifts, Lunar New Year gifts, Mid-Autumn Festival, international women, wedding gifts,...
  • Lunch support according to Company regulations.
  • Physical training and sports services for employees to exchange and exercise according to the Company's regulations such as football, badminton, tennis, yoga.
  • Housing support according to company regulations.
  • House donation: For employees who have many achievements have a long-term attachment to the Group.
  • Training programs to improve working skills and professional skills for employees.