Along with Dat Xanh Group, “A way of saying love” for half of the world


On the occasion of International Women’s Date March 8th, Dat Xanh Group has organized “A way of saying love” program with meaningful acitivies in order to show great honor to female staff of Dat Xanh.

Over the past 12 years, female staff of Dat Xanh have contributed considerably to the company’s success. At any position, female staff always take efforts, show solidarity and creativity. Board of managers appreciate their attitude, efforts and contribution to the development of the Group.

“A way of saying love” program of Dat Xanh Group happened with meaningful activities. To kick off, Trade Union and HR department sent flowers, gifts and wishes to female staff. Then, Board of Management sent flowers and gifts to Dat Xanh female leaders.

With care dedicated to female staff, “A way of saying love” program was continued at Pearl Plaza. There was a warm party with hundreds of dishes from famous brands Yummy Yummy, Food Court, etc. Good food and warmth of the great Dat Xanh family was the spiritual gift for all female staff. Happiness was clearly shown on everyone’s face.

The most impressive and interesting act was “Con buom xinh (Beautiful butterfly)” sang by male staff at CGV cinema, Pearl Plaza. The joy was doubled when many female staff were awarded with gifts from the lucky draw “Happy Mar 8th with surprise” with 10 valuable gifts to lucky women.

A comedy “Taxi, em ten gi (Taxi, what’s your name)” brought smiles to Dat Xanh’s audience during “A way of saying love” program in the Women’s Day, March 8th.

What a meaningful Mar 8th day for Dat Xanh’s women! They could forget all worries and enjoy International Women’s Day. Its echoes still remain in the future in the hearts of attendees, the relationship bringing all Dat Xanh’s staff closer together.


Hình 1 & 2: Trade Union and HR, Training Department giving flowers to female staff

Hình 3: Giving flowers to Ms. Do Thi Thai – COO of Dat Xanh Group

Board of Management giving gifts to female heads of department

Welcome female staff to the cinema and lunch at Pearl Plaza

Female staff welcomed with flowers

Female staff posing for a picture before lunch

Posing innocent before movie time Enjoying the movie

Thỏa thích xem film

Mr.Nguyen Khanh Hung – CEO and male staff singing “Con buom xuan – The butterfly of spring”

Female staff showing excitement at the performance by the male counterparts

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