Breakthroughs in Dat Xanh's 2017 training activities

2017 is the year of breakthrough for Dat Xanh Group in training when it became one of the first real estate companies in Vietnam to invest in and implement e-Learning. This training applies modern technology in teaching as well as disseminating information and knowledge. After a year of implementation, E-Learning received good response from many employees and is successfully applied throughout the system as well as member companies.

The E-Learning content and test questions, compiled by senior trainers of the Group and member companies, with technical knowledge and soft skills on a wide range of topics are expressed in a variety of multimedia formats: photos, clips, example situations, music, etc. Learners master theories as well as get their hands on practice with situations / tests / open-ended questions, to help improve their knowledge and increase their visibility and interactivity between with the lectures.

Through the E-Learning system, the training department easily assesses learner's acquisition and cognitive ability, they can also dynamically adjust the level and frequency to ensure the highest training performance.

For Dat Xanh Group, staff's knowledge and professional development are not only a task for the training department but also an important strategy of the company, which is led and inspired by Mr. Luong Tri Thin - Chairman of the Group. For him, the training program is very important in shaping leadership mindset and finding "seeds" of good quality who are potential successors.

Highlighted in the above training are two internal training programs for leaders and managers & potential employees. It is notable that the program "Young leadership talent development" with a team of 38 selected potential employees in 2017, who are trained to take further steps leading to higher positions.

For the evaluation of E-learning training system, Mr.Tran Quoc Thinh, Human Resources Director of Dat Xanh Group confirmed: “This is an important step in the innovation of training methods in the direction of "standardization and modernization" in order to maximize the value of technology, helping employees access courses anywhere with Internet connection; it helps save time compared to traditional training and minimize costs; gradually, the staff's capacity is being upgraded and our HR development strategy is realized”.

With plemty training activities and programs, Dat Xanh Group is always proud of their talented employees who are eager to learn and improve for the objective of gaining a position in "Top 10 Real Estate Developers in Southeast Asia".

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