“Night of colors” of Dat Xanh Group – Overnight party, more connections

On Friday June 9th, all staff of Dat Xanh Group were playing and "burning" themselves out in the program "Night of colors". This grand event was 100% organized by the cooperation of HR Department and other departments from the concept, scripting and performed in a professional manner.

"Night of colors" was considered one in the series of entertainment and welfare activities for employees that are regularly organized by Dat Xanh to bring relaxation and chance to connect members of the Group.

All staff of Dat Xanh Group quickly arranged their work to be at HOPS Beer Garden on Nguyen Dinh Chieu St., ready to participate in the "Night of colors" which was fun, attractive and unique.

Right at entrance, Dat Xanh members were extremely excited with the Minigame of taking selfies and posting on Facebook to get gifts. Organizing Committee has prepared the backdrop with the support from cute mascots. Not only that, the members participating in the party were also randomly divided into four teams based on four core values of Dat Xanh Group: Aspiration – Integrity – Professionalism - Humanity by colors from the luminous bracelets at entrance.

With the message "Overnight party, more connections ", all members of Dat Xanh who want to enter the party must undergo a very unique challenge called "Dat Xanh stuff" by conquering one of four beer drinking levels. Chicken - newcomer, Eagle – professional, Wolf - leader and Lion – the unbeatable. The fun animal stickers, used to categorize players and look for the “God of Beer”, bought about relaxation and laughter. Not only that, the crowds cheered unequivocally upon discovery of female party-goers with their hidden ability.

The party was held in the upbeat music, with the cooperation of fans cum dancers cum singers who are the people from Dat Xanh. Also from these programs, Dat Xanh people clearly expressed the spirit of "doing the best - playing hardest", a youthful spirit regardless of age, generation, from the leaders to the staff are all happily playing together in the nice songs of a memorable night. Throughout the show are the performance of DJ music, Beatbox, Rap, Remix music from DJ BeeKun, Viet My singer, DJ Annie, Rapper Max, fire dancer My Kim ... the skillful dancers and the "spontaneous dancers" from Dat Xanh Group.

Xuyên suốt chương trình là phần trình diễn, phiêu cùng nhạc DJ rộn rã, hòa trong âm thanh của Beatbox, lời Rap, Remix nhạc đến từ DJ BeeKun, ca sĩ Việt My, DJ Annie, Rapper Max, nữ hoàng múa lửa Mỹ Kim,… các vũ công nhảy múa điêu luyện và nhiều phần ngẫu hứng phụ họa của các “vũ công tự phát” đến từ các phòng ban của Đất Xanh Group.

With the MC's extremely witty and charming coordination during the quiz, minigame "Trciky Questions, Unexpected Answers", the guy made everyone laugh, making the atmosphere lively. Numerous funny puzzles, the King & Queen contest, ... left unforgettable memories for the members in this colorful and memorable night.

The event ended extremely successfully with good memories and became an activity nourishing the souls of Dat Xanh to be always young, healthy and refreshing. In the future, the journey of passionate connection, the connection of co-workers, the harmonious feeling among Dat Xanh people will last, enhance and develop in line with the motto: human is the important factor that decides the success of Dat Xanh on the journey of creating and improving true value of life.

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