The entrepreneurial spirit of Dat Xanh Group’s founder

Mr. Luong Tri Thin, Founder and Chairman of the Board Directors at the Dat Xanh Group, has built both his career and the Group with strong passion and determination.

Lương Trí Thìn - Chủ tịch Tập đoàn Đất Xanh
Mr. Luong Tri Thin, Founder & Chairman of the Board Directors at the Dat Xanh Group. .

Right from the establishment of the Dat Xanh Group, entrepreneur Luong Tri Thin has been determined to build a business with a strong team and has constantly strived for innovation and creativity to develop the business and contribute to Vietnam’s powerful future. After 20 years, the Group’s achievements are evidence of his determination.

Journey to build Dat Xanh

With a passion for business, Mr. Thin established Dat Xanh with little in the way of funds yet became famous. Since childhood, he has had to work hard to make a living and had many jobs from Vietnam’s north to south before choosing Ho Chi Minh City as the place to establish his business. In the years before founding Dat Xanh, he had opened nearly ten different businesses. Though he failed, those years helped him accumulate valuable business experience. “Otherwise, it is unlikely I would have built the Dat Xanh Group,” he said.

Mr. Thin’s entrepreneurial journey can be summed up in his famous quote: “Crisis creates opportunities; challenges create the future.” Dat Xanh’s 20-year journey of operations and development and its breakthrough were marked by efforts to “go against” general market trends.

In 2003, when the market was focused on land, he chose to distribute apartments and offer real estate leasing services. In 2006, the land market was in crisis, and many businesses were moving to the leasing sector, but Mr. Thin then turned his business towards land distribution, combined with the introduction and development of a centralized sales method, with the concept of “apartment supermarket”.

During the 2008-2010 period, when economic crisis broke out, Mr. Thin succeeded in listing the Dat Xanh Group on the stock exchange, because, he said, it was the right time to measure “resistance” and increase the ability to overcome challenges. In 2010, when the market hit its bottom, Dat Xanh boldly invested in developing apartment projects, marking its strong transformation as a project developer.

All of Mr. Thin’s strategies are based on his knowledge, understanding, and in-depth analysis of every aspect of the market. The market fluctuates, but the business cannot stand still. For Mr. Thin, new opportunities arise from every crisis. Seizing these opportunities early will help the business consolidate its competitive advantage and lead the pack when the market recovers. That is how his Dat Xanh Group overcomes crises, by “turning risk into opportunity”.

Doanh nhân Lương Trí Thìn
Mr. Luong Tri Thin receives the 2020 Outstanding Asian Entrepreneur Award.

For his tireless contributions, Mr. Thin has been honored with many Certificates of Merit and awards, such as a Certificate of Merit from the Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee (2014), and being named Outstanding Young Entrepreneur in Ho Chi Minh City (2012), Outstanding Vietnamese Young Entrepreneur 2014 and Red Star Award 2014, Real Estate Entrepreneur of the Year (2020), and Outstanding Asian Entrepreneur (2020), among others.

Entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to conquer new heights

After nearly 20 years of development, the Dat Xanh Group has become one of the most professional businesses in the field of real estate, actively developing the scale of the real estate industry and contributing to significantly changing the appearance of Vietnam’s urban areas. His business is ready to reach the goal of becoming a leading private economic and real estate group in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Dat Xanh Group’s journey to conquer new heights, however, has not ended. At the 2022 General Meeting of Shareholders, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Thin, emphasized that, in addition to the two core business fields of project development and real estate services, technology will be a new goal for the Board of Directors to concentrate on in order to continue perfecting the real estate ecosystem.

This goal has been demonstrated through strong advances by the Dat Xanh Group, via the application of the Real Agent solution - a B2B platform in real estate product distribution; Fina - a platform that provides optimal solutions for homebuyers seeking loans, taking out insurance, and making investments; Ihouzz - a model that closely combines online-to-offline (O2O) commerce; and integrating diverse linkage service utilities.

In particular, the announcement of the ERP project once again emphasizes Dat Xanh Group’s orientation in comprehensive digital transformation, advancing in managing, operating, and doing business with technology, while at the same time creating a foundation for Dat Xanh Group to develop in the field of digital economy.

The Dat Xanh System is building up its capabilities for the journey to conquer technology in the Industry 4.0 era.

“Technology is always the decisive factor for all important transformations in the business,” Mr. Thin said. “In the context of the government encouraging the development of the circular economy and the green economy associated with Industry 4.0, implementing comprehensive digital transformation demonstrates my commitment and that of all our employees towards the goal of the Group’s sustainable development and its contribution to Vietnam’s sustainable development.”Chủ tịch Lương Trí Thìn nhận định: “Công nghệ vẫn luôn là chìa khóa quyết định cho mọi cuộc chuyển mình quan trọng của DN. Trong bối cảnh Chính phủ đang khuyến khích phát triển kinh tế tuần hoàn, kinh tế xanh gắn với cách mạng công nghiệp 4.0, triển khai chuyển đổi số toàn diện thể hiện cam kết của tôi cũng như toàn thể CBNV hướng tới mục tiêu phát triển bền vững của tập đoàn cũng như đóng góp cho sự phát triển bền vững của đất nước.”

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