Dat Xanh Group "goes heavy" on year-end bonuses

Dat Xanh Group always considers human resource as the core factor of development and in creating competitive advantage. Therefore, the guarantee of salary, bonus and welfare is important for the staffs to feel sercured and focus on work, capacity development, dedication and long-term cooperation with the Company.

In recent years, Dat Xanh has implemented many policies on salaries and bonuses to ensure the rights and interests of its employees. In addition to the usual bonuses, Dat Xanh pays special bonuses such as quarterly bonus based on performance, bonus for completion of project; especially, year-end bonus of 3 to 12 months' salary. In particular, another focus of the company is the policy to care for employee's family and relatives, in paying school fee of employee's children, purchasing health insurance for employees and their families, sponsoring travel expenses for the whole family, supporting staff in buying houses at a price 20% lower than market prices. On holidays as International Women Day, Vietnamese Women Day, Victory Day April 30, Solar New Year's Day, there are always interesting activities, exchanging of gifts, vouchers, which is extremely practical and meaningful.

Especially, for those who have many years working at Dat Xanh Group, individuals with excellent performance, core staffs and members of management boards, there are other attractive benefits, with ESOP being a typical example. The sudden increase in the number of shares in ESOP 2017 to 3 million shares (equivalent to 62 billion) compared with 1 million in 2016 is a prominent feature in the talent bonus & incentive policy of Dat Xanh . For individuals owning ESOP shares, the beneficiary will receive an equivalent of 4-6 months' salary.

If calculating the total income of salaries, bonuses and benefits at Dat Xanh, an employee normally receive 18-24 months salary depending on his or her rank and position. This is considered attractive compared with salary and compensation in the market. Beside that, Dat Xanh's "going heavy" on bonuses also confirms its financial strength.

With an outstanding strategy to attract and retain talented people, as well as a professional and dynamic working environment, Dat Xanh Group is confident in building a professional, enthusiastic and dedicated workforce. This is the strong foundation for Dat Xanh to conquer the goal of becoming "the leading real estate investment corporation in Southeast Asia", aiming at capitalization of $ 5 billion over the next 10 years.

After nearly 15 years of operation, Dat Xanh Group has recruited and retained more than 3,000 staff - 443% more than the number of employees in 2012, a nationwide distribution network with more than 40 trading offices and 1,500 salespersons along with hundreds of affiliated offices; the Group is ready to become one of the leading developers in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

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