Freeing the creativity, spreading love through "Dat Xanh - Dream House" drawing contest

After two weeks of exciting competition, "Dat Xanh - Dream House" drawing contest collected 76 paintings from children aged 1-6 (23 paintings) and children over 7 (53 paintings) attended with various themes with very lovely drawings. Each lively paintaing expresses children's thoughts and dreams about their future Dream House.

In the 1st round, paintings were voted on social media sites; numbers of Like & share accounted for 40% of a painting's score, then the paintings were ranked and chosen top down. The total number of like & share is 7210 on for 76 pantings as of Aug11, 2017.

In round 2, 40% of the results was decided by the judges. To ensure professional scoring, invited 4 judges were invited to the competition, including: Artist Tran Cong Quoi - Member of Vietnam Fine Arts Association, Project Deployment Deputy General Director - Bui Ngoc Duc, Southern Investment Deputy General Director - Tran Cong Luan, Head of Design, Marketing Dept. - Nguyen Thi Bao Tuyen scored the paintings on Aug 10, 2017 at DXG Office.

Each judge's scoring on a 100-point scale was based on four criteria: Ideas (40 points), Layouts (20 points), Colors (20 points), Style (20 points).

After two exciting rounds of votes, the competition results can still change dramatically by 20% of direct votes in round 3; when audience came to the Family Day on Aug 12 and received tickets to directly vote for their favorite painting.

The organizers picked out the most deserving and outstanding pieces of art based on the judges' assesment, direct votes, and numbers of like on social media for final result.

All 8 paintings that win the prizes will by be kept by DXG Group and presented in the charity auction for community benefit. Wining children and their parents will also be invited to the Group's fundraising and philanthropic activities.

Winning paintings:

A. Age from 1 to 6
  1. First prize: “My house and car - Good morning, spring
    Competitor: Truong Nhat Quang
    Parents: Tran Thi Tuyet Van – Design Management Office

  2. Second prize: “The candy house
    Competitor: Ho Hai Chau
    Parents: Ho Thi Truong Giang - South Saigon Office

  3. Second prize: “To the zoo with my parents
    Competitor: Nguyen Dao Anh Duong
    Parents: Nguyen Ngoc Ha - Luxcity Project Management Board

  4. Third prize:
    Competitor: Vo Vuong Bao Han
    Parents: Vo Van Dong - Accounting

  5. Third prize: “The magic house
    Competitor: Mai Vinh Khang
    Parents: Mai Duc Hoang - Design Management Department

B. Ages 7 and older
  1. First prize: “Dat Xanh house
    Competitor: Nguyen Hoang An
    Parents: Nguyen Quoc Thien – Opal Garden

  2. Second prize: “My dream home
    Competitor: Le Minh Hien
    Parents: Le Nguyen Minh Ky - Design Management Department

  3. Third prize: “My beloved family
    Competitor: Vo Pham Quynh Thu
    Parents: Pham Thi Nguyen Thanh - Sales Department

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