Supplementing energy for life from Feng shui courses at Dat Xanh Group

Knowing that the staff needed to learn and apply Feng shui into real estate business and daily life, Dat Xanh Group Training Department organized Feng shui a two-day course on Mar 23rd and 24th.

Feng shui is an ancient study from the East, helping us understand and change the features of the surrounding in order to improve the balance of Qi (invisible forces that bind the universe, earth, and humanity together), therefore improve quality of life. “Feng shui” comes from Chinese, meaning “wind and water”. It has been applied for more than 3,000 years. Feng shui is the operation binding universe factors in harmony, giving rise to the exixtence of the world.

The lesson was prepared based on actual needs of Dat Xanh Group staff, enabled trainees to learn from the master Nguyen Huu Hong Ky (who graduated from Feng shui department at Mastery Academy - Malaysia). With experience in Feng shui training, Mr.Hong Ky provided trainees with objective – simple – accurate view on applicable Feng shui. From the course, trainees have a new perspective on applicable Feng shui.

Master Nguyen Huu Hong Ky

The course equipped trainees with basic knowledge to absorb knowledge quickly and to know how to apply theory into actual daily work.

The course instructed staff to use Feng shui compass to know the house direction

Learners concentrating on the course

Ms. Do Thi Thai, COO, practicing in class

Representative of Dat Xanh Group, Mr.Vu Quoc Viet Nam – Marketing Director, giving flowers to Master Hong Ky.

Learners full of energy and happiness after the course.
Dat Xanh Group

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