Dat Xanh Group "play big" with ceremony "BEST SELLERS 2017" and trip to SINGAPORE

Having the reputation as one “spender, player” with many policies for employees, Dat Xanh Group regularly has enjoyable, beneficial activities and trips for its employees. At the end of December 2017, Dat Xanh Group held a rewarding tour in Singapore for Best Sellers with outstanding achievements in sale of projects developed in 2017.

This rewarding tour has the participation of 10 most excellent advisors from DXG, and 9 other excellent advisors from the network of trading offices and brokerage companies involved in the distribution of Dat Xanh products.

Honoring the Best Sellers 2017 at Marina Barage

In addition to this tour, the Top 3 Best Sellers also received prizes in cash up to 160 million VND.

Top 3 Best Sellers 2017

The Singapore tour lasts for 3 days and 2 nights (from December 29-31) with the participation of the Best Sellers, led by Pham Thi Nguyen Thanh - Senior Sales Director. Everyone has memorable moments together and happy memories in the beautiful Singapore. The trip is also a chance for everyone to enjoy the resort and admire the most modern architectural beauties of Singapore - island of the Merlion.

Merlion Park

Universal Studio

Arriving at Changi Airport Singapore at noon but Dat Xanh's "warriors" did not feel tired as their fighting spirit always keeps them active. The delegation had lunch and took some time to visit interesting places. They visited the artificial lake of Marina Barage located in the heart of the city. In the midst of enormous and windswept space, the delegation stopped to hold the ceremony honoring 2017 Best Sellers. The Senior Sales Director gave a speech of sharing, encouragement and motivation, giving them the motivation to conquer new challenges in 2018.

Garden by The Bay

Visit other famous places in Singapore namely: Garden by The Bay with the solar power "super trees" in the south of Singapore, visit the flower garden in the Flower Dome and Buddha Tooth Relic Temple of Chinese architectural style, etc.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple of Chinese architectural style

In the next days, the delegation visited other interesting places as: Shopping at the Habourmart Jewelry Store, admiring the panoramic harbor view and Sentosa World Resort from Mount Faber, playing in the magical world of Universal Studio Cinematic techniques, enjoying Wings of Time the laser music show, exploring Chinatown, Merlion Park, famous "durian-like" Esplanade Theater looking out Marina Bay, etc.

Conquering Mount Faber

The tour ended with bright smiles and unforgettable memories of the excellent professionals of Dat Xanh Group. We hope that in the coming years there will be more amusement trips to beautiful lands with the presence of a large team of young and talented "warriors" salespeople.

Photos from the trip:

Changi Airport
Dat Xanh Group

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