Female staff of Dat Xanh happily enjoyed the "March 8 - Honoring Women" event

Dat Xanh Group has great success and reputation not only in the field of real estate but also as an employer that provides dream working environment and good benefits for employees. Especially, for the women, Dat Xanh Group in general and the male staff in particular always favor them to give them - the beautiful ladies - many blessings and joys through very surprising events that bring smiles and unforgettable memories.

Coming as expected, the International Women's Day March 8 has officially come to the beautiful ladies of Dat Xanh Group. This is a special occasion for the Lady of Dat Xanh to enjoy the "privilege" of putting away their every day uniform and freely showing their beauties in many lovely outfits. The atmosphere at the company was different, hidden beauty of many women appeared that day caught the men in admiring surprise.

Human Resource Department of Dat Xanh Group in cooperation with the Union organized a surprising event - "March 8 - Honoring Women" with the gifts of very cute Laneige lipsticks. The small gifts were received in big welcome thanks for their convenience and compact size; the ladies were also satisfied by the understanding and thoughtfulness of the event's organizers. Representatives of Dat Xanh Land Management - Deputy General Director Bui Ngoc Duc, Human Resources Director Tran Quoc Thinh and Labor Union Chairman Pham Viet Khai personally delivered the gifts to each lady at the event. Moerover, each female employee also received 200,000 VND from Dat Xanh Union.

Right after receiving gifts, the ladies entered part 2 of the event: enjoying premium buffet at Vincom MegaMall District 2 with diversified fresh dishes . At the end of the event, HR Director, on behalf of Dat Xanh Group, sent greetings to all female members and wished them a happy and joyful holiday.

Photos at Dat Xanh Group's March 8 event:

Dat Xanh Group

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